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The 3 Grading Reform Challenges Every School Leader Must Overcome

Webinars | Read Time 2 minutes

Transitioning to more meaningful assessment, grading, and reporting practices can create a variety of unintended consequences for school and district leaders. Identifying and overcoming the most common challenges is key to effective assessment and grading reform.  

Watch this webinar featuring Dr. Matt Townsley, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Northern Iowa, and Becky Peppler, Director of the FIRST Education STAGR Center, to learn about the most common challenges that arise and practical ways for district leaders to address them. 

Examples of challenges that will be discussed include: 

  • “Giving points is more accurate than using levels of proficiency.”
  • “My students are not good test takers. Now, only their assessments count?”
  • “These changes won’t prepare our students for the real world.”

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