Remote Learning

Communicate, organize, and measure learning—all on one platform. Otus provides the best K-12 remote learning tools for your students with one login, no matter where you are.

Hybrid Learning

Access Lessons, Assessments, and Data whether students are remote learning or in the classroom.

Standards-Based Grading

View student performance over time. Otus tracks and displays student growth through our standards-based Assessments, Gradebooks, and Report Cards.

Common Assessments

Measure student learning with Simple or Advanced Assessments. Build Rubrics and share anything you create with your team. If you can dream it, Otus can build it.

Differentiated Learning

Meet your students where they are. Deliver true differentiated instruction by connecting students with the right resources at the right time.

Data-Informed Instruction

Build data reports in seconds. Confidently create K-12 Lessons and Assessments that are right for your students, every single day.


Eliminate crossed wires and confusion by using the Mailbox to text and email families. All points of contact are displayed in the Communication Log.