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Welcome to the Otus Community: where every voice is heard, and every question finds an answer. This is a collaborative space where Otus users can share innovative teaching strategies, exchange resources, and engage in discussions.

Together, we’re building a community that champions lifelong learning and values the power of knowledge!

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Hear what real users are saying about Otus

Cassandra Coleman
“The OCE program has been wonderful. It is straightforward and easy to follow. I have learned so many useful tips and tricks. Creating lessons and assessments on the fly has never been so easy!”
Cassandra Coleman
First Grade Teacher, Challis Joint District, ID
"The Summer series training was really helpful in being an effective educator and has great add-ons to streamline data tracking!" Loving Otus and all of the help that Otus Lives and CXPs provide
Lakeithia Walker
Elevate Teacher, Elevate K12, IL
“I just finished my second training, and my favorite part about it is the specific lesson building and I can not wait to apply the skills to my academic unit. Thank you so much for the training, I hope everybody takes the opportunity to explore this, it has just been the best experience for me."
Amy Dimaggio
HS Biology Teacher, Elevate K12
"I love OTUS and have used it from day 1. These sessions have been the best! I learned so much! Up to that point I have just been figuring things out for myself. It's been wonderful to see everything that can be done with OTUS."
Mary Sheriff
Elevate K12, GA
"I love the folders, folders are the best thing you guys have done".
Lisa Kosin
Middle School Math Coach/Teacher, CUSD201 / Westmont | IL
“It is the best Ed Tech LMS I have ever used! I can create and assign lessons, assessments, performance rubrics, it has portfolios and I use it as my gradebook. I can email families, there is an app where parents can see the assessments and feedback directly to their students. I can not oversell it. It keeps growing too, adding new features. The interface is the most user-friendly for the kids too!”
Britt Crowe
K-5 Team Leader / Curriculum Facilitator, Huntley Sd 158
“When I found out that all I had to do was drop files into a folder, I was shocked. It took me 30 minutes to send 5 years worth of data and my part was done.”
Tammie Lagioia
Information Technology Coordinator, Oak-Lawn Hometown 123
“As an instructional coach it’s really helpful that I know all the ins and outs of Otus, and then in addition to that these short videos that I can immediately pin point to be able to pass along to my teachers in case they have any questions on it. The OCE program has been great for that. I think the whole program is great, it’s great for teachers and it is great for all sorts of educators and I would encourage everybody that I come in contact with to complete the OCE program to learn more about Otus”.
Bryan Lord
Instructional Coach, Career Academy
“Highly recommended. Great company. Hilary is awesome to help you answer anything about getting set up. I used it as a teacher and it's so nice to combine and teach from too.”
Anne-Marie Fox
Elevate K12
“Being part of the OCE community is a great opportunity to connect with other Otus Educators.”
Felice Hill
Instructional Coach, Hemet Unified School District
“I really gained some insights into what Otus is really like, from a student perspective. So, when I am in the classroom with my students I am better prepared to build lessons and assessments that are user friendly for my students and yet can still challenge them.”
Rita Hulsman
Language Arts & Math Teacher, St. Francis of Assisi School
“I think the beauty of Otus is that chat feature inside the platform that you can click on and speak directly to someone. So if you have a question, someone is going to answer and give you quick feedback and support. It is so user friendly, so that our staff is eager to learn because they know they are going to get the support when they ask questions. Both from the Otus Experts, and from internal Otus Experts within our school district. That is what stands out the most from any of the competitors is the Otus responsiveness. Because Otus was made by teachers, they understand teachers' limited time and that they are pulled in so many directions, the response time, I have never seen anything like it.”
Dr. Vicki King
District Administrator, Salem School District
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