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Data & Analytics

Insights that Make a Difference

These days, a lack of data isn’t the problem. Teachers need insights – and fast.

Student Profile in Otus

A Holistic View of Each Student

The student profile houses every existing data point, whether from Otus or external sources, to paint a detailed picture of the whole child.


Upload Data From Any Assessment

Use all of the different data points you have on students from national, state, and local assessments to make thoughtful decisions.

See all third-party data options.

3rd Party Icons

Find Students Who Meet Any Criteria

Define custom criteria using behavior, performance, and demographic data in order to discover trends in your student population.


The Assessment and Standards Insights You Need

See a complete picture of student performance on teacher-assigned assessments. Analyze overall scores, class-specific data, subgroup performance, question-level insights, re-teaching needs by learning standard, and identify students who need support.

Assessment Analytics in Otus
Assessment Analytics in Otus

Use Data to Enhance Teaching Practices

When all of your student data is in one place, teachers can maximize their time in PLCs. Regularly review real-time data in Otus, set specific targets for student achievement, and use data to adapt instruction.

Real-time Insights on Your Activity Dashboard

Track Logins

See how many students, teachers, administrators, and family members are logging in to Otus and how often.

Understand Assessment Trends

See how many assessments teachers are assigning and grading, as well as which learning standards are assessed most frequently.

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Otus Saves Educators Time by Keeping Everything in One Place


Standards-Based & Traditional Grading

Data & Analytics