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Maximize student growth while saving educators time

With a tool that supports data-driven instruction, assessment, standards-based grading, and progress monitoring – all in one place.


Measure student learning with engaging assessments including formative, summative, common, benchmark and more

  • Tap into 1,000s of ready-to-use Common Core and state standards-aligned assessments.
  • Access your curriculum’s assessments right in Otus – Amplify, HMH, Wit & Wisdom, and more.
  • Build your own assessments using over 98K expertly-developed questions from the Mastery Item Bank or create your own tech-enhanced questions that auto-score to save time.
  • Use AI to automatically generate high-quality multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions or prompts.
  • Optionally link questions to learning standards for more tailored content.
  • AI is fully integrated in Otus, requiring no additional apps or plugins.
  • Track progress on non-academic skills such as citizenship, work completion, and more.
  • Generate custom printed or digital reports to communicate performance on assessments, standards, or a combination of both.
  • Students and their families can view real-time performance data from their own Otus accounts.

Standards-based and traditional grading made easy

  • Create custom grading scales that align to the language used in your school district.
  • All standards are pre-loaded in Otus including Common Core, state standards, NGSS, and more.
  • Clearly display overall formative and summative grades and student progress toward every standard assessed in our interactive standards gradebook.
  • Use custom rubrics to assess any standards and provide clear feedback to students.
  • Distribute unique copies of Google Docs and Slides right in Otus side-by-side with defined grading criteria.

Leverage data insights to maximize instruction and student growth

  • View every single data point on a child in one place including national, state, and local assessments. 
  • Automated data-sharing with partners including NWEA MAP, Renaissance Star, and more. Otus will securely manage all your student data so you never have to organize a spreadsheet again.
  • Generate custom reports to compare performance across assessments. Analyze any assessment and all of the standards it is aligned to on a single page packed with interactive data visualizations.
  • Use item analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of assessment questions.
  • Disaggregate and compare student data using demographics such as race/ethnicity, grade level, special education, English language learning, and more.
  • Identify students who would benefit from intervention or extension opportunities by easily searching across all of your data.

Track student performance on any goals

  • Create custom progress monitoring plans to track any student goals including academic, social-emotional, executive functioning, behavior intervention, personalized learning, and more.
  • Every stakeholder can monitor and track progress over time with plans that follow a student from year to year.

Connect a student’s progress monitoring plan to their third-party assessment scores from NWEA, iReady, Renaissance, and more so data is automatically updated as they participate in testing.

  • Add progress updates, notes, and attachments to increase clarity.
  • Students and families can view and contribute to progress monitoring plans to track growth that happens outside of the classroom.

Gather, visualize, and act on student data – all in one place.


ISTE 2024 Best of Show Winner Tech and Learning
Edtech Breakthrough Award 2024
Steves Bronze Award Customer Service 2024
INC Best Places to work 2024 Winner - Otus
Steves Bronze Award Customer Service 2024
Tech and Learning Back to School Primary Education Winner
Tech and Learning Back to School Primary Education Winner
Tech and Learning Back to School Primary Education Winner
Tech and Learning Back to School Secondary Education Winner
District Administration Award
Tech & Learning Best of Show ISTE Live 2023
Edtech Breakthrough Award Winner 2023
Tech Edvocate Award Winner Best Assessment App 2023
Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies is Otus
Globee Gold Winner 2023 Award
Globee Gold Winner 2023 Award
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