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Roundtable Webinar: Why We Created a Portrait of a Graduate

Many states are pushing beyond traditional definitions of a successful graduate, such as GPA or college admittance, to create a ‘portrait of a graduate’ that identifies the skills students should possess upon high school graduation. This shift redefines success by including attributes that will help students become ethical and global citizens. Importantly, this approach isn’t limited to secondary education – schools are increasingly aligning on this concept starting as early as elementary school, highlighting its significance throughout a student’s educational journey. Watch this webinar to hear from three school leaders who have experience creating their district’s portrait of a graduate. They discussed:
  • The process of identifying the essential skills and competencies that make up a portrait.
  • Alignment of a portrait with their school’s vision and mission.
  • Professional development and the need to advocate for student-centered pedagogies.
  • Community communication and celebration.