Remote Learning with Otus

As K-12 schools begin to transition to remote learning, we are here to help.
We give school principals, administrators, teachers, parents, and families
the eLearning tools necessary to handle this situation.
We know how hard all of you work to raise amazing young people.
We are here to  support you.

Otus for eLearning

Getting Remote Learning  right is not easy. Here are three practical steps you can take to
ensure you’re making the biggest impact possible on your students.

Build Engaging Lessons

The Otus Lesson module helps teachers build interactive and engaging lessons. Teachers can empower different learning styles with dynamic activities by adding resources using YouTube, Google Drive, recorded audio and video, and more. No more handing out a stack of papers and hoping for the best.

Deliver Instruction

Teachers can assign Lessons to entire classes, or create custom student groups to deliver personalized learning. This allows students to progress towards their learning goals.

Measure Learning

One of the most challenging tasks of Remote Learning is student assessment.
Create quick checks with multiple choice questions, assign tests with 65+ question types, plus so much more. Teachers can build rubrics to evaluate student work, assess pictures, papers, video recordings—all in one place.


We would love  to learn more about your school community and/or  the specific needs and pain points of your district. If you want to get started  with Otus, sign up for a brief discovery call below.

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Otus is free for teachers to use. If you would like to give it a whirl, click below for a helpful resource that will walk you through how to get signed up and  start eLeaning with your students.

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Remote Learning Webinars

This series is devoted to finding and using the right educational tools to foster true learning outside of the classroom. Students are at their best when they are learning together, but we are here to support you with some of our best practices, eLearning resources, and tips so your kids can get the most out of time away from school. From Elementary to High Schools,  and everywhere in between, we are here to support student goals. Click on any of the tiles below to listen to the Remote Learning webinar that works for you.