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Otus Partners with the California Ed Tech JPA to Streamline Educational Technology Purchases for K-12 Schools

Author: David Specht | Press |

Otus is excited to announce a new partnership with the Education Technology Joint Powers Authority (Ed Tech JPA), an innovative alliance focused on simplifying the acquisition process for educational technology in California. This collaboration enables K-12 schools and districts to easily access Otus’ comprehensive assessment, data analytics, grading, and progress monitoring platform without the traditional complexities of acquiring new educational technologies, such as the need for RFPs and lengthy procurement cycles.

The Ed Tech JPA focuses on helping K-12 schools secure competitive pricing and favorable contract terms from technology vendors. By coordinating consortium purchases, the Ed Tech JPA offers high-quality products and services that benefit its member agencies, encompassing all California public agencies eligible to join at no cost.

Otus’ partnership with the Ed Tech JPA marks a key development in broadening access to advanced educational technology for schools throughout California. Otus provides a unified platform that supports educators in enhancing learning outcomes through features such as traditional and standards-based grading, assessments, progress monitoring, and data-informed instruction. This collaboration with the Ed Tech JPA allows member agencies to access competitive contracts for Otus’ software, streamlining the adoption of technology that can transform educational practices and student learning experiences.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Ed Tech JPA,” said Chris Hull, Co-Founder and President of Otus. “This partnership underscores our shared commitment to removing barriers in the adoption of educational technology. California schools and districts can now more easily implement Otus, benefiting from our platform’s ability to personalize learning and provide actionable insights into student growth. We look forward to seeing the positive impact Otus will have on educators and students throughout California, enriching their educational experiences.”

As the Ed Tech JPA continues to accept membership applications, this partnership embodies a progressive strategy in educational technology acquisition, guaranteeing that a greater number of students and educators in California can take advantage of the innovative solutions Otus provides. This collaboration reinforces the commitment of both Otus and the Ed Tech JPA to facilitate easier access to educational technology, striving to improve the learning experience for students across the state.

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