Free Bitmoji Classroom Templates for Remote Learning

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Bitmoji classrooms are all the rage right now. Laura, a Regional Sales Manager here at Otus, is loving it!

If you are looking for cute, free classroom backgrounds, we created a few just for you. Right click and save these backgrounds so you can upload your own Bitmoji and add new decor to personalize your virtual classroom:

Dreamy Blue Classroom

The best way to create a sense of calmness with your students while inspiring them to reach their dreams.

Blue bitmoji classroom background with an inspirational poster, a bookshelf, and two plants.

Fall Feels Classroom

Perfect for sparking creativity during the upcoming fall season.

Fall-centric bitmoji classroom background with posters of leaves, an art easel, and a bookshelf.

Traditional Teal Classroom

A classic classroom set-up so you can add your favorite books, quotes, and daily activities.

Blue bitmoji classroom background with floating shelfs, a white board, and a large post-it note.

Powerful Purple

Keep spirits and energy up with this fully-loaded bitmoji classroom design that Laura used in the video above!

Purple bitmoji classroom background with a bookshelf, a projector screen, windows, plants, a world map, and motivational decor.

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