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The True Test of Remote Learning: Assessment

Author: Keith Westman | Blog |

This summer, schools will be tackling their long-term remote learning plans. Educators in China have been engaged in remote teaching and eLearning for months, and the biggest challenge they face? Student assessment. How do we know how our students are learning when they aren’t in the classroom?

As educators, we know face-to-face instruction is not simply passing out papers and taking attendance, just as remote learning is not sending info to students and tracking log-ins. Teachers want to measure student growth, whether they are in the classroom or at home.

With Otus, administrators and teachers can easily build and share multiple types of engaging assessments aligned to learning standards. Whether you are using traditional multiple choice tests to assess learning or providing students with personalized video feedback, you can be sure that student learning is measured effectively and authentically. Popular tools such as Google, TurnitIn, Desmos, and Texthelp, are already integrated in Otus.  

Otus is an all-in-one platform that brings learning, assessment, and data management tools together so educators can confidently teach and assess their students—no matter where they are.

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How Does Your LMS Measure Up?


Your LMS

Ability for teachers to create, distribute, and analyze formative assessments to differentiate instruction


Ability to assign different resources to groups of students based on data


Ability to create benchmark assessments aligned to standards


Comprehensive item bank aligned to standards


Analytics on student learning outcomes for teachers and administrators


Ability to store third-party data (NWEA, iReady, etc.)


Ability to use video, audio, and other formats for assessing performance tasks



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