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Otus and Thrively Team Up to Create Complete Student Learning Profile

Author: Phil Collins | Blog |

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an architect when I grew up. Or a police officer. Or a ninja. My choice depended on the day of the week, really.

What do your students want to be?

You have future leaders in your classroom—doctors, performers, teachers, maybe even the next Steve Jobs!

But how do we know? And how do we foster and encourage our students’ strengths and interests?

With Otus, teachers can see learning data from third-party assessment and content providers combined with real-time, in-classroom data, providing a holistic learning profile for each students.

But, as teachers, we want to see our students beyond points of data; we want to also know their interests and passions. With this information, we can better tailor their instructional experience within our classroom.

Now we can—with Otus’ new partnership with Thrively.

This union will help your students find their passion in life and help you facilitate learning that directs them on the path to success.

What is Thrively?

Thrively is a hands-on, interest-based learning platform that helps teachers understand their students’ strengths and boost their engagement, developing the whole child.

Students take a kid-friendly strength assessment that pinpoints their individual strengths across 23 factors, creating a personalized profile that celebrates their unique talents.

Using these unique learning profiles, teachers can differentiate instruction for students by their strengths and engage them instructionally from a new perspective.

Student exploration

Students can continue to explore their passions, broadening their understanding of themselves and their world.

Thrively recommends personalized content, career pathways, and enrichment activities for each student based on his or her unique strengths and interests.

Learning profile

With the Otus and Thrively partnership, students strengthen their metacognitive awareness, learn what motivates them, and demonstrate how they are learning and growing.

Click here to learn more about Thrively.

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