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Central School District 301

Success Story | 2 minutes

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Central School District 301 in Burlington, IL, wanted to not only be able to analyze student learning and engagement data but also effectively communicate that information to those who needed it. They wanted a way to take all the information contained in the classroom, make sense of it, and share it with those outside of the classroom.


The leaders of CUSD 301 found Otus and saw that it could do exactly what they needed. They would be able to aggregate and analyze student data from sources like Fastbridge, PARCC, and SAT in addition to other assessment and engagement data. With Otus’ powerful analysis tools, they would be able to look at individual student progress or view students on the building or district level to gather unique insights.


Since implementing Otus in the fall of 2018, the students of CUSD 301 have completed more than 174,000 assessments, which have been combined with third-party data to give teachers and administrators a holistic view of their students’ growth. In addition to valuable insights on student learning, Otus has given teachers and administrators the ability to easily share and act on valuable student data insights.

Meet Otus

Advanced Analytics

Otus brings all your student data together in one place, allowing you to spend less time finding relevant data and more time acting on it. Seamlessly access existing data with Otus’ library of third-party data partners like NWEA, iReady and Renaissance. Discover trends in student populations based on performance, demographic, behavioral or social-emotional data that allow educators to quickly make data-informed decisions.

Student Performance
To see your students for who they are, look beyond academic performance.

Cohort Analysis
See how students in a cohort move from low to higher performance targets on the same test over time.

Item Analysis
See performance on classroom, benchmark, state and national assessments.

Performance Data
Drill into a single point-in-time to understand the breakdown of performance for each cohort.

Software with a growth mindset

K-12 administrators, educators, students and families deal with disconnected edtech tools every day. Otus minimizes the chaos by providing one seamless platform to teach, grade, analyze and plan.
Access learning management, assessment, data and progress monitoring tools in one system, with one login. With Otus, school leaders can focus on student learning, not technology.

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