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Introducing Otus Proficiency Assesments with 3 laptops showing Otus Proficiency Assessments

Otus Proficiency Assessments Offers 1,000 Assessments to Teachers

Author: Phil Collins | Press |

The Otus Proficiency Assessments are over 1,000 assessments in Reading, Language Usage, and Math covering grades K-8. These assessments provide accurate and actionable information that teachers can use for a number of assessment types, from formative assessments to track progress throughout the school year to common assessments across an entire grade or district.

All of the items are multiple-choice and are aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) giving teachers ready-made assessments they can start using right away. The data from these assessments is automatically generated upon completion and are valuable for implementing and supporting PLCs.

The assessments are structured based on grade level as follows:

Grades K & 1 Assessments by Standard – Reading

  • 5 item assessments covering 2 standards

Grades 2-8 Assessments by Standard – Reading

  • 10 item assessments covering 3 standards

Grades 1-8 Assessments by Passage – Reading

  • 8-10 items all connected to the same passage
  • 6-8 standards assessed within the assessment

Assessments will be organized as follows:

  • Reading Foundational Skills: Grades K-1
  • Reading Informational Text Grades 1-8
  • Reading Literature Grades 1-8
  • Math: Grades K-8
  • Language Usage: Grades K-8

In addition to grade level, assessments are also categorized and searchable by name and subject, making it easy for teachers to find exactly what they need.

One of the most important resources that teachers have is time – and no teacher has an abundance of it. Otus Proficiency Assessments are ready to go so that teachers don’t have to take the time to build an assessment, create the items or even select the items from an item bank. All they have to do is select the assessment and assign it. In addition to saving time, this provides teachers with important student data that adds to the overall picture of student performance that they’re already generating on a daily basis.

These assessments will be available on July 15, 2022, and will be built into the Otus platform for new customers. The assessments will also be available as an add-on for current Otus users.

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