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Using Otus to Administer Digital Spelling Tests with Cassie Coleman from Challis Elementary School

When a traditional spelling test is administered, the teacher says each of the spelling words aloud for the class and students hand-write each word on their paper. With Otus, educators can make this process digital and save time with auto-scoring features that will check the spelling of every word.

In this Otus Live professional development session, Cassie Coleman, first-grade teacher at Challis Elementary School and a champion of the Otus Certified Educator Program, shares how Otus can be used to administer digital spelling tests to students.

Cassie presents an example of a spelling test question in Otus in order to visualize what this looks like for students and then models how to create a spelling question by using an audio recording feature in an Advanced Assessment. From there, students have the ability to type out their answer and check to see if it is correct, without showing what the correct spelling is.

To learn more about using audio in an Advanced Assessment, visit the Otus Knowledge Base

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