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On Demand PD

Analyzing Student Data in Otus – Camp Otus

Camp Otus is an opportunity to learn more about a series of features in Otus over a 5-week period. Sessions are designed to explore Otus in small chunks so each week’s new learning builds on the previous session.

In the Analyzing Student Data cohort of Camp Otus, administrators will take a deep dive into district data to analyze trends and plan for how you will act on student data.

Session 1: Access and analyze 3rd Party data in the Student Profile and Analytics.

Session 2: Access and analyze Otus assessment data in the Student Profile and Analytics.

Session 3: Access and analyze Standards data in the Gradebook and Analytics.

Session 4: Learn more about Query — a tool administrators can utilize to identify and compare populations of students matching specific criteria across multiple data sources.

Session 5: Learn more about Historical Analytics – a tool administrators can use to compare cohorts of students and their performance on 3rd Party assessments and/or Otus assessments.

What is Otus Live?

Otus Live PD is an opportunity to learn from the Otus team! Register and join us for a live session using the calendar or check out On-Demand recordings here in the Otus Resource Library.

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