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Skyward makes student data possible.

Otus makes it powerful.

Otus partners with Skyward to take data-driven instruction to the next level.

Skyward is a Certified Otus Partner

Skyward customers benefit from Otus’ comprehensive suite of assessment tools including:

  • Over 1,200 ready-to-use, standards– and curriculum-aligned assessments.
  • Intuitive tools for building custom assessments that can be used across any content area or grade level.
  • Tech-enhanced questions with auto-scoring that saves teachers time.
  • Automatically send assessment scores to Skyward when students take an Otus assessment with no manual teacher entry.
Otus comprehensive suite of assessments

The power is in the data

Once students take an Otus assessment, educators can tap into a wealth of performance data that can be used to drive meaningful classroom instruction.

Analyze student progress by assessment

Filter by key demographics such as special education, English language learner, race/ethnicity, and more.

View average scores by grade level, class, gender, student group, and more. 

Tap into item analysis to determine where instructional gaps exist and plan for reteaching needs.

Analyze student progress by assessment in Otus
Analyze student performance by standards in Otus

Analyze performance by standards

View performance on multiple standards side-by-side for an individual site or the entire district.

Drill down to view each student’s detailed growth journey for each standard.

Use the data to create real-time student groups that can be used for re-teaching or extension.

Take your student data to the next level

Go beyond classroom assessments and analyze data from any assessment in one place.

Data clarity in one place

Work with our dedicated team of data specialists who will upload all your student data to Otus including national, state, and local assessments.

Otus Integrations
Data for PLCs

Actionable insights

Use interactive visuals to better understand student performance. Group students with similar needs and then follow their performance over time to gain deeper insight into student growth.

Identify student needs

Search across classroom assessments and third-party data to identify students for interventions, advanced placement programs, and more.

Otus Visual Student Data
Otus Data-Driven Instruction

Visualize student growth

Create custom reports to display performance on multiple assessments over time and by groups of students for a deeper look at performance trends. 

Use the data to make informed decisions around curriculum needs, staffing, and more.

Don’t just monitor progress – map out a path to success

Build custom plans with achievable goals so every student gets what they need to be successful.

Otus Plans

Pinpoint student needs

All students deserve a personalized education plan that identifies specific areas they need support and where all stakeholders can track and monitor progress.

Evaluate effectiveness

Track and view student progress on every goal. Teachers or administrators can add status updates and comments that are all time-stamped for transparency.

Real Time Reporting for Assessments in Otus

School leaders across the country are succeeding with Otus

Headshot of Sheri Peacock, Associate Superintendent for Student Achievement at East Moline High School

Watch an interview with Sheri Peacock, Associate Superintendent for Student Achievement at East Moline School District.

Webinar on value of centralizing assessments and student data with Otus

Watch a webinar featuring Vivian May, Secondary Instructional Coach at Marion County Schools, to learn about the value of centralizing assessments and student data.

See the Otus and Skyward partnership in action.