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Student-Growth Platform Otus Welcomes New Customers and Launches Impact Map to Highlight User Success Stories

Author: David Specht | Press |

Otus reaches milestone;  users graded the ten-millionth student assessment in a single school year through the platform.

Chicago-based student-growth edtech leader Otus announced today its Impact Map, which highlights success stories shared by districts across the US that have used the Otus platform to improve learning outcomes in their schools. The stories illustrate how Otus has helped schools in their efforts to implement and utilize standards-based grading, grow and improve their use of common assessments, and make data-driven decisions in the classroom. Otus has empowered educators to continuously improve education and accelerate student learning outcomes by gathering, visualizing, and acting on real-time student-growth data.

The Otus Impact Map highlights the successes of schools both small and large using Otus, from a Nebraska district that needed a solution to store, access, and analyze data from their student body of 450, to an intermediate school district in Michigan that needed to manage data for over 20,000 students. Otus will continue to add new success stories to the Impact Map as the platform continues to work with districts to reach their goals.

Since its launch in 2016, Otus has been used by educators to help over 1 million students at more than 2,500 schools in 200 districts throughout the country. In June, Otus reached a milestone when users graded the ten-millionth student assessment in a single school year through the platform.

“Ten million assessments means 10 million opportunities for teachers to add to their picture of student performance and create a holistic view that shows the whole child,” said Dr. Phil Collins, SVP of Client Success at Otus. “These assessments add valuable information to their understanding of where students are in their learning – their strengths, opportunities for improvement, and more – so they can continue to plan meaningful, data-driven instruction accordingly to support ongoing student needs. And with the recent addition of Otus Proficiency Assessments, teachers have an additional 1,000 brand new, ready-to-use assessments available in Otus to do just that.”

This year, Otus also celebrated the addition and recommitment of a number of districts, including Wood Dale School District 7, who’s been an Otus client since 2016. The four-school district will use Otus assessments, analytics, and Plans to support their student body of 1,200 next academic year. 

As Otus continues to grow its customer base, it remains committed to listening to user feedback and continuing to let that insight drive improvements to the platform.

“We are proud that so many districts choose Otus and trust us to support their efforts to accelerate student learning and maximize student growth in their classrooms,” said Deepak Karandikar, CEO of Otus. “The recent renewals and additions to the Otus family are a testament to the real value of our platform and the support that our team offers. Over 30% of Otus employees are former educators. Between all of us, we bring nearly 200 years of experience in education. We are teachers, we are principals, we are superintendents. We know our number one resource is the educators who put our tools to the test every day in their classrooms, and we are committed to continuing to foster our close relationships with users and seek their valuable feedback on our product. That’s how we grow and that’s how everyone wins.” 

To celebrate their recent wins, Otus is inviting educators to a free, New Orleans-themed event after ISTELive ‘22 on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, from 5:30-8:30 PM at The Gallery at The Chicory. The Otus event is open to all educators regardless of ISTE attendance. Click here to RSVP

About Otus

Founded in 2012, Otus is a Chicago-based SaaS organization driven by a mission to provide detailed and actionable insights available with edtech data to allow educators, administrators, and parents the opportunity to help all students realize their full learning potential. Developed by educator Christopher Hull, Otus aims to create more equitable and accessible learning pathways for learners of all skill levels by providing real-time views of students’ growth with one place to analyze performance metrics. 

Utilized by more than 2,500 schools in over 200 districts, the Otus platform has delivered greater insights to help more than 1 million students across the US. With more than 20 edtech strategic partners, Otus creates a streamlined integration of assessment, performance tracking, and third-party data integration in the platform. Led by edtech visionary, Deepak Karandikar, Otus’ CEO, the organization founded by educators for educators, remains committed to its mission of helping to create the most data-informed, meaningful learning experiences for all learners. For more information visit

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