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Otus Partners with FACTS to Enhance Data Management and Assessment in K-12 Schools Nationwide

Author: David Specht | Press |

Otus, a leader in K-12 student data technology, is excited to announce a new partnership with FACTS, a leading provider of comprehensive school management software solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance data processes in K-12 schools, offering a streamlined and integrated experience for school administrators, teachers, and families.

FACTS is known for its comprehensive suite of solutions that streamline school management, including school information systems (SIS), learning management systems (LMS), financial management tools, and platforms for enrollment, communication, and advancement. This partnership with Otus will further strengthen its offerings by incorporating advanced capabilities in data visualization, comprehensive assessments, and standard-based grading (SBG).

The integration of Otus and FACTS platforms will facilitate the seamless transfer of student data, academic progress, and administrative information. This collaboration is aimed at simplifying complex educational processes, improving efficiency, and making data more accessible and actionable for all stakeholders. School leaders, teachers, and families will experience a more integrated and streamlined educational process, where easy access to information and resources directly supports and enriches the learning experience.

“Through our partnership with FACTS, we aim to enhance the educational processes by providing educators with more meaningful and actionable insights,” said Chris Hull, president and co-founder of Otus. “This collaboration is not just about saving time; it’s about enriching the educational experience for students and their families through improved data management and assessment tools.”

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