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Computer screen in a classroom. The Otus homepage is featured on the screen, pointing to the chat support feature.

The Dream Team of Chat Support

Author: Lexi Kozicki | Blog |

This is the first blog of two featuring our Client Success team. To meet the rest of the team, head here.

Ensuring clients have the best user experience is incredibly important to Otus. After you are onboarded, our experienced, caring Client Success team takes over to support you throughout the year. As former educators, technology fanatics, and customer support experts, this bunch is pretty awesome. You may have met some of them already, but we wanted to highlight them for the great work they do in chat and beyond.


Girl facing a waterfall after a hike.


Monica on a hiking trip.

Before joining the Otus team, Monica was an 8th grade Pre-Algebra teacher. One of her favorite parts of teaching was seeing the “light bulb” go off when students understood a concept or completed something successfully. Now as a Client Success Specialist, she says “being able to ‘see’ that with teachers and admins through our chat feature is just as rewarding! I can tell when I’ve been able to make a teacher or admin’s life easier, and that is the ultimate goal of Otus in the first place!”

Not only does Monica respond lightning fast on chat, but she also writes many of the articles in the Otus Knowledge Base. If you can’t find your answer there, she’s available to help with resources like videos or a quick screen share. All chats are saved and easily accessible for future reference, too.

Any Friends fans here? Fun fact: Monica is obsessed with the show Friends. While chatting with an educator named Rachel, Monica discovered they share a mutual love for the show. To no one’s surprise, Monica and Rachel have established a great bond! Safe to say, she’ll always be there for you. (Too much?)

“Advanced assessments all the way! As a former math teacher, I never thought I would use digital assessments, but Otus changed that. When I learned how to use advanced assessments, I switched from paper to digital and never looked back!”

Monica on her favorite feature in Otus.


Dave is the newest member of the Client Success team, but it didn’t take him long to find his footing at Otus. Previously, Dave was the Director of Technology for a local Illinois school district.

A man and a woman standing on an overlook with a small town, an ocean, and the mountains behind them.


Dave and his wife.

Technology is Dave’s forte, but he loves helping administrators and educators troubleshoot so they can get back to focusing on student learning, instead of on the technology. He says his favorite part of chatting with users is “when they say I made their day because I got them past a hurdle, or I was able to do something to help save them time.”

With Otus, the average response time varies between 4 and 6 minutes, with a customer satisfaction rating around 95%! Conversations are real-time, right in the Otus platform. Users even have the ability to submit suggestions on how to improve Otus, and that feedback powers new features.

One of Dave’s favorite Otus features is the data analytics. As soon as assessments are completed, administrators have instant access to actionable information to help them make instructional decisions.

“At Otus, both the platform and company culture are amazing. Otus employees are passionate about education. They understand education. They care about school staff, students, families, and each other. Anyone will do anything to help a colleague, regardless of title or role.”

Dave on his favorite thing about working at Otus.


Going on three years as a Client Success Specialist, Kris is a master of all things Otus. Not only is he a chat support rockstar, he also helps create the training videos on the Otus Youtube channel. Kris used to be a teacher, so working as a Client Success Specialist allows him to help facilitate learning on an epic level.

“As a teacher, I was only able to have so much reach helping kids, but supporting them from here allows me to reach hundreds of classrooms. I really feel like I’m making a difference.”

Kris on his favorite part of helping administrators and teachers.

Kris’s favorite feature in Otus is the Rubric Assessment integration with Google Docs. Using the co-working aspects of Google Docs with Otus provides endless opportunities to give feedback to students in real-time. Kris knows all about the importance of real-time response working in chat! You need a way to find answers quickly before or during class and with the Otus chat feature, you can do just that.

Fun fact: Kris used to work at Apple as a Business Specialist! How cool is that? Learn more about the Otus Client Success team below.
Kris describing the Client Success team at Otus.

These three make a huge impact in the lives of educators every day, and we are so lucky to have them on our team. If you ever have any questions while using Otus, click the in-app chat feature in the bottom right-hand corner to reach our chat team. This is the first blog of two featuring our Client Success team. To meet the rest of the team, head here!

If you are an administrator looking for the best K-12 learning platform, Otus is one system to teach, grade, and analyze. Find more info here, or request a demo below.

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