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Every Student Needs a Plan

Author: Keith Westman | Blog |

It’s one thing to talk about personalizing learning for all students. To actually make it happen is a completely different conversation.

When I was a middle school principal, I attended a meeting with a neighboring Superintendent who said his goal was “for every student to have an individualized education plan”. In his words, “the learning path that a student takes should be unique and tailored to not only what they need (based on evidence), but what the student wishes to get out of their school experience.”

While it has been fifteen years since I heard this Superintendent speak, the need for a personalized learning plan for every student may be more important now than ever before. With that in mind, I am so excited to introduce Otus Plans.

What is Otus Plans?

A new feature in Otus that allows teachers to align any district-created plan to any student so administrators, teachers, students, and families can proactively track student progress through these plans at any time.

Who will use Otus Plans?

Administrators and Student Services

  • Get a complete understanding of student performance and interventions at a high level.
  • Create shared visibility across many stakeholders.
  • Support consistency in tracking and monitoring interventions across a school by creating and controlling shared plans and criteria.
  • Support staff to help students achieve goals and monitor progress with evidence.


  • Help students achieve goals and monitor progress with evidence.
  • Create more ease in the collection and tracking of evidence for student progress.
  • Create more ease and transparency when collaborating with other staff members to help students achieve goals.


  • Help students achieve goals and monitor progress with evidence.


  • Collaborate and communicate the process of supporting their students to reach goals and make progress.

What types of plans can be tracked in Otus Plans?

Sample Plan

Post-COVID Evaluation

Purpose: To have an accurate understanding of students’ academic and social-emotional status after school has shifted back to in-person learning.

Want to learn more about Plans? Watch our webinar, Introducing Otus Plans: Charting a Path for Student Success, or request more information below!

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