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3 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss an Otus Regional Workshop

Author: Kendell Hunter | Blog |

While virtual meetings may increase our efficiency and challenge the belief that you can’t be in two places at one time, the value of an in-person event far supersedes what’s possible on Zoom – and the Otus Regional Workshops are no exception!

Regional Workshops are an opportunity to learn more about Otus while networking with innovative educators from school districts in your region. Check out my top three reasons why you should absolutely attend an Otus regional workshop.

1. Professional development that meets you where you are.

The typical approach to virtual training is a one-size-fits-all model where every participant receives the same information. Otus Regional Workshops include a curated schedule that is designed with both beginner and advanced users in mind so everyone gets what they need out of the experience. Create a path for your day that lends itself to your work with students. 

2. Meet like-minded educators who believe in the power that technology can have on learning outcomes.

Regional Workshops bring together Otus users from all different backgrounds and experience levels. What everyone at these events shares is an interest and passion for new technology and the belief that using technology can improve the way students learn. 

Whether it’s through casual conversation at the coffee bar (yes, coffee and lunch are on Otus at these events!) or during supported work time, you will meet someone who is doing something innovative in their classroom and walk away with at least one new idea.

An Otus coach working directly with two users at a regional workshop in 2019.

3. Dedicated time to plan for how your new learning will be used.

Ever leave a professional development session and feel more overwhelmed than when you arrived? Otus Regional Workshops include new content and time to process and plan for how you will apply your new learning in the classroom. You can attend solo and use the supported work time to plan how you’ll share this new information with your team or if you attend with colleagues, you can use that time to huddle up and discuss takeaways. At Otus, we’re largely a team of former educators and administrators. We know how important time is – and we promise to give you some of that time back.

So, if you’re looking for a rationale to share with your administrators on why you need a substitute teacher for the day so you can attend one of our events, look no further! Share this article as evidence of all that you will learn and accomplish during a day with your Otus family. Through relevant content, collaboration, and support, we believe these days make all the difference – without relying on your internet connection and Zoom app.

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