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Wood Dale SD 7

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The Wood Dale School District 7 set the goal of creating a more personalized learning environment for their students by giving teachers and administrators real-time access to student progress. They approached this goal through the lens of standards-based grading (SBG), which emphasizes more detailed data surrounding student understanding. The challenge was finding a platform that was built with SBG in mind, that would provide more student data without increasing teacher workload.


With a list of requirements in mind, Wood Dale School District 7 began searching for a standards-based grading platform for their learning community. They found Otus and immediately knew it was a perfect fit. With Otus, teachers would easily attach standards to assessments, and view each student’s progression to mastery in the standards-based gradebook. This also allowed the teachers to easily share each student’s growth journey with those outside the classroom.


Since rolling out in 2017, the teachers of Wood Dale School District 7 have become power users of Otus. Beginning with the success of their standards-based grading initiative, they also integrated third-party data to give a holistic view of student learning. In the fall of 2021, with the introduction of Otus Plans, Wood Dale School District 7 took action on the data they had collected and utilized Otus to create custom learning plans for their students. With such a dedication to personalized learning, Wood Dale School District 7 is an excellent example of not only collecting quality student data but also acting on it.

Meet Otus

The Standards Gradebook

Otus makes standards-based grading easy. The built-in gradebook can simultaneously track both points and standards giving you the best of both worlds and making implementation easy. Custom standards, multiple calculation methods and world-class teacher chat support are just a few ways that Otus helps schools succeed.

Pick the standards, skills, and criteria you want to measure student performance against.

Communicate student progress with a standards-based report card designed to display the road toward mastery.

Create and give frequent common assessments to see the complete picture of student growth

Showcase standards-based student growth data over time in one place: Otus.

Software with a growth mindset

K-12 administrators, educators, students and families deal with disconnected edtech tools every day. Otus minimizes the chaos by providing one seamless platform to teach, grade, analyze and plan.
Access learning management, assessment, data and progress monitoring tools in one system, with one login. With Otus, school leaders can focus on student learning, not technology.

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