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Best Ways to Use Otus for Communication

From parent portals to messaging systems, gradebooks to progress reports, Otus provides comprehensive solutions to bridge the gap between home and school. In this Otus Live PD session, educators can explore the multitude of features designed to strengthen the connection between home and school. Otus offers a diverse range of tools and resources specifically crafted to facilitate communication and engagement between educators, students, and parents. By leveraging these features, educators can foster collaborative partnerships with parents, empower students to take ownership of their learning, and create a supportive learning environment that extends beyond the classroom. Join us as we uncover how Otus promotes a strong and cohesive connection between home and school, ultimately enhancing student success and achievement.


To learn more about the best ways to user Otus for Communication, please visit the Otus Knowledge Base.

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Otus Live PD is an opportunity to learn from the Otus team! Register and join us for a live session using the calendar or check out On-Demand recordings here in the Otus Resource Library.

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