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Otus Partners With CESA Purchasing to Expand Reach in Wisconsin

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Partnership offers preferred pricing for K-12 School Districts Across State

Otus is a Chicago-based educational technology provider for K-12 school communities. Today they announced a partnership with CESA Purchasing to offer all-in-one technology platform to K-12 schools in Wisconsin. CESA Purchasing works with over 100 vendors to provide discounts and promotional benefits for Wisconsin schools. The new partnership makes it easy for Wisconsin schools and districts to take advantage of negotiated pricing for Otus. Otus is a single platform that pre-integrates three types of system. The systems consist of learning and classroom management, assessment management, and data management. Otus provides K-12 school systems with one, pre-integrated platform. As a result, schools are better able to implement instructional initiatives like standards-based grading, differentiated instruction, and data-informed decision making. Otus is an Authorized Data Partner of NWEA. We integrate with Skyward, Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, and other traditional student information systems. “It is important for us to partner with organizations who not only understand our mission and purpose at Otus but have built a foundation of trust with school districts in Wisconsin,” said Dr. Keith Westman, Chief Operating Officer for Otus. “Our partnership with CESA Purchasing represents our commitment to aligning ourselves with trusted and respected organizations and our desire to maximize the learning of every child in Wisconsin.” “CESA Purchasing partners with organizations that identify and meet the needs of Wisconsin schools,” said Jane Wray, Purchasing Administrator for CESA Purchasing. “Anytime, a service or product allows a teacher to give more time back to students, the value is unprecedented. CESA Purchasing will find a way to offer partnerships that are affordable and relevant. Otus does that and more with their standards-based grading software.”


Otus has been named the “Best Learning Analytics Solution” by EdTech Digest. in addition, they have been listed in District Administration magazine’s “Top 100 Products” ranking. The company recently shared several added features. These features include its new student profile, which highlights student performance across a variety of metrics and timeframes, and its interactive historical analytics, which will be available in 2019. The analytics will add to educators’ understanding of student performance and improvement over time. To conclude, all of these tools are designed to support successful implementation of initiatives. Examples of a few initiatives are standards-based grading, differentiated instruction, and data-informed decision making.

About Otus:

Otus is a Chicago-based education technology company. The company has created an innovative school operating system for K-12 classrooms, schools, and districts. It provides an all-in-one technology platform for the entire school community. Otus allows users to easily view student engagement, performance, and progress. This company was designed and built by teachers and school administrators. Otus empowers teachers in the classroom, informs school leaders, keeps students engaged and organized, and helps parents stay better connected. In addition, Otus features three primary components: a Classroom and Learning Management System, an Assessment Platform, and a Data Management system. It was named one of Chicago’s 100 best places to work by Built In Chicago in 2019. The company received EdTech Digest’s 2018 award for “Best Learning Analytics Solution”. Lastly, Otus has been listed in District Administration magazine’s “Top 100 Products” ranking. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

CESA Purchasing:

CESA Purchasing is a Wisconsin cooperative that works with over 100 vendors. They work to go give discounts and other value-added benefits. CESA Purchasing serves K12 schools, libraries, technical colleges, universities, municipalities, and other non-profit educational programs. Overall, their mission is to level the playing field for ALL Wisconsin schools. They work to negotiate contracts with discounts on behalf of all Wisconsin schools that benefit the smallest school as much as the largest. To conclude, you can learn more about CESA Purchasing at

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