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The Friendly Faces Behind Otus Chat Support

Author: Lexi Kozicki | Blog |

This is the second post of two featuring our Client Success team. To meet the rest of the team, head here.

Once you’re onboarded to Otus, our experienced, caring Client Success team takes over to support you throughout the year. This team is made of former educators, technology fanatics, and customer support experts. You may have met some of them already, but we wanted to highlight them for the great work they do in chat and beyond.


Brooke, her husband, and their two children.

Before joining the Otus team two years ago, Brooke was a 5th grade teacher to the sweetest students in Immokalee, Florida. Now as Client Success Specialist, she enjoys supporting administrators and teachers because she “knows that it’s all for the students, which is why we are all here!”

Brooke’s favorite Otus feature is advanced assessments. She loves the variety of question types, how teachers can differentiate for their students, and how any age can utilize assessments—even her four year old son!

Chatting with users is quick, easy, and reliable. Exchanging screenshots or videos allows our support team to guide users much more efficiently than talking on a phone would. As a teacher or administrator, the little “free” time you have to chat in is precious, and our team respects and understands that!

Simply put, we care. We’ve been in your shoes and we understand what it’s like! Teaching is one of the most rewarding and demanding jobs in the world. We hope that we can make your day a bit easier with support right at your finger tips. Whether it be trouble shooting, navigating, or just needing advice, we are here for you!

Brooke describing her team.



Meet Kristin, a customer support extraordinaire! She (along with the rest of the team) is dedicated to making life easier for teachers and administrators using Otus.

Kristin and her three children.

With a year under her belt at Otus, Kristin knows the platform inside out. She loves the endless possibilities of the Lessons module. You can outline lesson plans each day and include engaging resources to help guide students. Tools and programs can be linked in Otus, so students complete work in one place instead of navigating multiple websites to find their activities. Talk about powerful!

If you need support while in the Otus platform, click the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Then, you’ll be guided to chat with our team.

Kristin shared a recent experience chatting with an Otus user who was struggling. She details, “On Zoom, I was able to walk her through different processes, and I gave her some tips to make things easier. We spent awhile on the call, and I could see her stress diminish after each item we walked through. That’s what it is all about. Teachers are working so hard to provide meaningful instruction, and if I can relieve the stress from just one aspect of their job, it makes it all worth it.”

I love that supporting administrators and teachers allows them to better serve our most valuable resource…our students. As a mom of three, I watch my daughters’ teachers work so hard to provide personalized instruction to each student and then have to handle all of the different technical issues. With Otus, you don’t have to keep struggling to figure something out. We are here whenever you need us.

Kristin, on her favorite thing about helping administrators and teachers.


Although he’s one of the newest members of the team, Ethan has already made his mark at Otus! He says if the Client Success team were superheroes, their collective name would be “The Hive. Otus is basically a non-stop flurry of activity.” Fun fact: Ethan used to work at the Apple Store in downtown Chicago, so he loves being a busy bee supporting multiple chats at once.

He explains, “Chat support is truly faster and far more adaptive (than calling or emailing) to the needs of educators. With chat, we’re able to help multiple users at once and research answers quickly. The fact that, quite literally, everyone in the company is accessible to the Client Success team with a few keystrokes means more of Otus can be involved in helping you.”

Ethan believes education is one of the most important things in life. Finding even the smallest ways to improve a day of school for students and teachers is such an intrinsically good and satisfying feeling for him. He always enjoys recording personalized videos for teachers using Loom, and he often finds that once users know they’re headed in the right direction, they’re off and running!

The Portfolio! It’s such a great, simple way to just put a little gold star on certain schoolwork students submit. Then, teachers or students or parents can have a constantly growing collection of the best things the student has done over the year. Like a fun version of a “permanent record.”

Ethan, on his favorite feature in Otus.
Ethan describing his favorite feature in Otus, the Portfolio.


Samantha, her husband, and their two children.

Last but not least, the team lead! Samantha is our Client Success Manager and also manages SIS integrations.

Fun fact: Samantha used to be a 6th grade ELA teacher in Skokie, Illinois. She used Otus in her classroom and fell in love with the platform, so she ended up making a career change and was hired as one of our first Technology Coaches. She truly loves the platform and watching Otus evolve over time.

There are so many features I love, but I’m obsessed with our Standards Based Gradebook! If I were still in the classroom, our Standards Gradebook would be my best friend, along with the assessment module (particularly simple assessments). These features make it so easy to collect and analyze student data.

Samantha, on her favorite feature in Otus.

Most members of the team are former teachers or have worked in education to some capacity. When asked to describe the Client Success team, Samantha says, “They’re all amazing and personable individuals. They quickly develop connections with users and work to find the best solution for each situation.” Don’t you just love this team?

Otus was created by educators, for educators. You might be chatting with one person, but there is a whole team (and company!) supporting each other to ensure you receive the best help possible. Our team has your best interests in mind at all times. We don’t call them the #SuccessSquad just for fun. Well, we do, but it’s also true!

If you are an administrator looking for the best K-12 learning platform, Otus is one system to teach, grade, and analyze. Find more info here, or request a demo below.

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