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Redefining Ready: How K-12 Schools Are Shifting a Focus to Life Readiness


Today’s schools are taking a fresh approach to what it means to be ready for life after graduation. It’s not just about good grades anymore. Schools are now focusing on giving students a mix of skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in college, in their future careers, and in life in general. This well-rounded approach is crucial for preparing students to handle the challenges and opportunities they will face going forward.

In this webinar, Scott Carr, a College and Career Readiness expert, delves into the evolving educational strategies. He highlights how schools across the country are implementing the “Portrait of a Graduate” approach, a key initiative in preparing students comprehensively for their futures beyond school.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • The important components of career, college, and life readiness. 
  • How schools are tracking metrics and focusing on a student-centered and future-ready approach.
  • How to ensure every student and family has access to equitable resources, opportunities, and tools to make informed decisions about life after K-12 graduation.

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