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Why Otus Was Named Best Competency-Based Education Solution by EdTech Breakthrough Awards

Author: David Specht | Press |

We’re thrilled to share that Otus has been named 2024’s “Best Competency-based Education Solution” by the EdTech Breakthrough Awards. These annual awards celebrate companies that empower educators and support students through innovative technology. But you might be asking yourself, “What exactly does that mean for teachers and students?” Let’s dive into the top three reasons why Otus stood out amongst other edtech companies to take home the gold.

Support for Any Grading System

Otus Gradebook
Otus stands out for its versatility and flexibility in supporting various grading systems. Whether your school uses a competency-based, standards-based, mastery, traditional, or hybrid system, our platform adapts seamlessly to meet your needs.

How It Benefits Educators and Students

Customizable Gradebook
Our Gradebook can be configured to match your district’s grading scale, ensuring the language and calculations align with your existing practices.

Core Competency Tracking
Teachers can easily monitor core competencies, assessing them multiple times to guide students toward mastery.

Hybrid Grading
Otus supports a hybrid approach, allowing educators to measure progress toward standards while also reporting traditional grades.

By accommodating diverse grading methods, Otus makes it easier for educators to implement personalized learning paths and ensure each student progresses at their own pace.

“It’s competency, standards, mastery, and traditional grading — all mashed into what we believe is the best system. And it was very difficult to find an LMS and gradebook to support how we do things. Otus filled every need we had.” 


– Camp, Head of Teaching and Learning at the New England Innovation Academy

Empowering Data-Informed Decisions

Visualize Standards Progress in Otus

One of Otus’ standout features is our commitment to providing real-time data that empowers educators to make informed decisions.

How It Benefits Educators and Students

Real-Time Performance Data
Otus provides immediate insights into student performance, helping teachers identify areas of need and tailor their instruction accordingly.

Standards-Aligned Assessments
We offer ready-to-use, standards-aligned assessments, or educators can build their own, ensuring accuracy in tracking student progress.

Individualized Learning Paths
With access to detailed data, educators can create personalized learning experiences that cater to each student’s unique needs.

By harnessing the power of data, Otus helps teachers enhance the learning experience, making education more effective and impactful.

Fostering Collaboration and Family Engagement

At Otus, we believe that collaboration and family involvement are key to student success. That’s why our platform is designed to encourage and facilitate both.

How It Benefits Educators and Students

Teacher Collaboration
Otus enables educators to share best practices, assessments, and resources, fostering a collaborative environment where teachers can learn from one another. 

Family Engagement
Families are kept informed about their child’s progress, making them active partners in the learning process. This transparency helps build trust and support between home and school.

By promoting collaboration and engagement, Otus ensures that everyone involved in a student’s education is working together toward common goals.

Winning the EdTech Breakthrough Award for “Best Competency-Based Education Solution” is an honor that we feel underscores our dedication to supporting educators and students. We’re proud to have our efforts recognized, and this award serves as motivation to never stop enhancing the educational experience. 

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from Otus – and as always, we’re here to support you on your educational journey.

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