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Make a Copy of Google Docs/Slides in a Rubric Assessment

Incorporating Google Docs and Slides into Rubric Assessments? Join Yinka, Client Experience Partner, for an engaging Otus Live PD session where she explores each step, providing practical insights and best practices for seamlessly integrating Google Docs and Slides into a Rubric Assessment. Discover how to empower students by leveraging the collaborative features of Google Workspace within the Otus platform. Gain valuable knowledge on how to create and manage copies of documents and presentations, ensuring a streamlined assessment experience.

To learn more about Google Slides and Rubric Assessments visit the Otus Knowledge Base.

What is Otus Live?

Otus Live PD is an opportunity to learn from the Otus team! Register and join us for a live session using the calendar or check out On-Demand recordings here in the Otus Resource Library.

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