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How Students Access Shared Resources on the Bookshelf

Otus was created by educators, for educators, with a focus on reaching students comprehensively. Students have the ability to access their own Otus accounts and upload various files, including photos, videos, audio recordings, and Google Drive attachments.  Within Otus, the Bookshelf serves as a platform for teachers to upload and share resources with their students. Educators can choose to offer the Bookshelf when they only want specific students to share an attachment with them (rather than the entire class) or to grant access to specific attachments for students to view on their Bookshelf.  In this Otus Live PD session, we will dive into the Otus Bookshelf and explore how to maximize its utility in facilitating student access to resources. Join us as we detail the process and provide insights on using the Bookshelf effectively for enhanced student engagement and learning.

To learn more about student access to resources on the Otus Bookshelf, please visit the Otus Knowledge Base.

What is Otus Live?

Otus Live PD is an opportunity to learn from the Otus team! Register and join us for a live session using the calendar or check out On-Demand recordings here in the Otus Resource Library.

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