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K-12 Student Growth Platform Otus

Maximize Every Student’s Potential

Gather, visualize, and act on student growth data with an all-in-one, integrated platform. 

Maximize Every Student’s Potential

Gather, visualize, and act on student growth data with an all-in-one, integrated platform.

Otus Saves Educators Time by Keeping Everything in One Place

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Measure student learning with any type of assessment

Access assessments that are engaging, ready-to-use, and aligned with standards. Use them for formative, summative, or any assessment need.

Otus Assessments
Standards-Based and Traditional
Grading and reporting made easy

Assessment scores flow automatically into the Otus Gradebook for a streamlined grading and reporting experience.

Otus helps students and families easily track progress. You can use it with standards-based or traditional points, simplifying everyone's understanding of student progress.

Otus Gradebook
Data & Analytics
Leverage data insights to maximize student growth

Create custom reports to analyze student performance on any external assessment side-by-side with teacher-administered assessments.

Compare student performance over time using key demographics. Quickly create student groups, using the data to drive meaningful instruction and make better district-level decisions.

Otus Data-Driven Instruction
Progress Monitoring
Chart a path to success for every student

Create custom plans to monitor any student goal or intervention – from academics to social-emotional learning, behavior, and more.

Link progress monitoring plans to third-party assessment scores for automatic data updates.

Collaborate with other educators to track progress and provide students and families with visibility to ensure transparency.

Plans with Third-Party Data in Otus
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ISTE 2024 Best of Show Winner Tech and Learning
Edtech Breakthrough Award 2024
Steves Bronze Award Customer Service 2024
INC Best Places to work 2024 Winner - Otus
Steves Bronze Award Customer Service 2024
Tech and Learning Back to School Primary Education Winner
Tech and Learning Back to School Primary Education Winner
Tech and Learning Back to School Primary Education Winner
Tech and Learning Back to School Secondary Education Winner
District Administration Award
Tech & Learning Best of Show ISTE Live 2023
Edtech Breakthrough Award Winner 2023
Tech Edvocate Award Winner Best Assessment App 2023
Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies is Otus
Globee Gold Winner 2023 Award
Globee Gold Winner 2023 Award
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Take Your School From Data-Rich
to Data-Responsive

Watch this video to learn how Otus helps educators make confident, informed decisions that drive student growth.

Solutions to Maximize Student Potential

A laptop open on a desk. The laptop screen shows Otus Plans. On the desk is a cactus, a pencil holder, binder clips, and a drawing of mountains.


Provide timely and targeted support to all students while monitoring progress toward academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs.

A laptop open on a desk. The laptop screen shows Otus Plans. On the desk is a cactus, a pencil holder, binder clips, and a drawing of mountains.

Standards-Based Grading

Otus automates the tracking and reporting of progress toward learning standards, enabling accurate feedback and instruction that meets student needs.


Data-Driven Decisions

Unify existing student data sources so they can be analyzed side-by-side with assessment and standards performance, empowering informed decisions that drive growth.

Common Assessment Solution in Otus

Common Assessments

Otus streamlines the creation, administering, and grading of assessments, enabling quick and accurate feedback to students and providing educators with valuable insights to personalize instruction..

Portrait of a Graduation Solutions in Otus

Portrait of a Graduate

Create a structured framework for defining and monitoring the essential skills and competencies displayed by students ready for college, career, and beyond.

Family Engagement Solutions in Otus

Family Engagement

Bridge the gap between schools and families with Otus’ user-friendly platform that provides real-time access to student progress and offers opportunities to participate in a child’s learning journey.

Hear from Otus Users

Cassandra Coleman
“I love the simplicity of Otus! From the beginning, Otus stood out as being clean and very easy to navigate compared to our last system and other systems we were piloting. The fact that we could collaborate and share out resources on one platform made things so much easier.”
Lisa Wardle
Hemet Unified School District, CA
Vivian May
“What we love about Otus is we can create any type of assessment — formative, summative, rubric. I can also create any type of question. We had a seventh-grade ELA assessment where the learning standard was to match a type of media to an article. I was able to upload a podcast in Otus and add a nonfiction article that our students were able to toggle between.”
Vivian May
Secondary Instructional Coach at Marion Country Schools, KY
Amy Dimaggio
“We have a very unique competency-based system for assessment – a mash-up of competency, standards, mastery, and traditional. It was very difficult to find a tool and gradebook to support how we do things, and Otus filled every need we had.”
Head of Teaching and Learning
at New England Innovation Academy, MA
Cassandra Coleman
“With just a few clicks on Otus, I can get the full picture of every student. It’s data that I can truly use instead of perusing through charts that have been formed a week after the fact. The immediate nature of the actionable data is what makes it even more powerful.”
Trevor Johnson
Second-Grade Teacher and Technology Advisor at Santa Rosa Academy, CA
Cassandra Coleman
“We really needed a data system that was different from what our Student Information System would provide – a way to look at students more holistically including their past and present data. I started using the plans in Otus last year and this works really well for academic tracking. This year, I’ve taken it to my entire intervention team.”
Jessica Conn
MTSS Coordinator at Maureen Joy Charter School, NC
Britt Crowe
“I wanted to find a tool that could ground the data, but, more importantly, create something that’s user-friendly for teachers and students. Our students can really own their metrics and their journey, and see the relationship between goal-setting and the progress that they’ve made. With Otus, you’re going to see a more invested student, and they’re going to understand the relevance. It’s one of the best data tools to support Portrait of a Graduate.”
Scott Carr
College and Career Readiness Consultant at CESA 7, WI
Tammie Lagioia
“We had a lot of teachers using different platforms and parents were getting confused. Utilizing Otus helped us to really streamline that so that there was one single system to help their student navigate learning.”
Lexi Robinson
Instructional Technology Coordinator at North Shore School District 112, IL
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