Connecting Data to Instruction

Otus goes beyond the traditional LMS by combining a Data Warehouse and a collection of Classroom Management Tools in a single platform.

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Take attendance, collect various types of data, and group students with Otus. The collaboration between teacher and student continues as Otus becomes a central hub for classroom learning.


Create lesson plans. Share student resources with your class on the Otus Bookshelf. Use the blog to encourage and record the conversation. Create effective instructional strategies and assessments such as class polls, exits slips, and 3-2-1 checklists.


Observe and record behavioral characteristics. Track student engagement. Create, perform, and score assessments all within Otus.


Otus’ one-of-a-kind Data Wall displays classroom learning and assessment data like never before. Integrate student-skill, formative third party and standardized data to see the full picture for each student.