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Updates & Releases

We’re always working to improve Otus and give you the best user experience. Check out our list updates and releases below, listed in order from most recent.

What’s New in Otus – Video Recaps 

Want to watch a video recap of what’s new in Otus each month? Check out the links below – these will take you the What’s New in Otus monthly recaps, co-hosted by Otus’ User Experience Researcher, Stephanie Baeza, and Otus’ User Community Coordinator, Hillary Kleppel.

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    Assessment Analytics 2.0: Ability to view an answer breakdown chart in the Question Analysis.

    Assessment Analytics 2.0: Can now sort the headers of the standards performance table.

    Plans: Gradings scale colors are now on the PDF download of an individual student’s plan.

    Plans: The Student Profile now displays all of the Plans a student has been added to.

    Exports: Plans Overall Performance report now available.


    Plans: Download a student’s Plan. 

    Assessment Analytics 2.0: Ability to click into the standards performance to see more specific details.


    Plans: Ability to add multiple items to a Plan template at once.

    Plans: Ability to add default text to a Text column on a Plan template.

    Advanced and Simple Assessments: Graded assessment pages can be sorted by all headers.

    Assessment Analytics 2.0: Linked standards displayed in the individual question analysis.


    Plans: Student and Family ability to update plans.

    Plans: Student attributes added to the “students” tab of Plan.

    Assessment Analytics 2.0: Standards Performance table added

    Assessment Analytics 2.0: Improvements to the chart when viewing an individual question in the Question Analysis. 


    Assessments: Students can review graded assessments without displaying correct answers.

    Plans: Student and Family visibility.

    Assessment Analytics 2.0: Visual and performance improvements, including a Question Analysis table.

    Advanced Assessments: Additional accessibility features added. 


    Analytics: Can now view “All Attempts” in the individual performance dropdown in 3rd Party

    Analytics: Metrics now display on downloaded charts for Historical.

    Family Communication Log: “Mail” is now a selectable option for communication.


⭐ Gradebook: Assessments view is now available!

    Gradebook: Ability to download a missing assessments report.

    Plans: Reorder sections in the template builder.

    Analytics – 3rd Party: Improved CSV downloads.


    Rubric Assessments: Ability for students to submit without adding an attachment.

    To Do List: “Excluded” or “Excused” assessments no longer included on the To Do List.

    Assigned Assessments: Visual updates to columns.

    Mailbox: User’s name is displayed in the footer & user’s name is shown as the sender.


    Rubric Assessments: Ability to clear a descriptor grade.

    Analytics: Toggle added for the ability to include archived class data.

    Assigned Assessments: Time of submission now included. Other visual updates to columns.

    Draft Assessments: Display assessment count per folder.

    Plans: Visual updates.


    Analytics-Historical: Improvements to downloaded charts.

    Analytics: Visual improvements to filters.

    Family Contacts: “Self” added as a relationship type.


    Points Gradebook: Ability to delete, or “nullify” an assessment score without leaving a zero.

    Analytics-Historical: Download all charts.


    Standards Gradebook: Easily move from student to student in the performance history.

    Gradebook: Add notes to the student profile and/or a report card directly from the gradebook.


    Gradebook: Family and student accounts can now download a CSV.


    Gradebook: Points and standards gradebooks buttons removed and replaced with tabs.

    Gradebook: Navigate from student to student using dropdown and arrows.

    Rubric Assessment: Preview an assigned rubric assessment.

    Global: Metrics are displayed when charts are downloaded.


    Gradebook: Filters moved onto the page for easier visibility and navigation.

    Gradebook: The gradebook is now wider for easier visibility and navigation.

    Gradebook: Updated CSV names for easier readability.

    Points Gradebook: Assignment percent column now in the CSV.

    Points Gradebook: Display due dates on individual students’ points gradebook page. 


     Standards Gradebook: Filters will “stick” while navigating the gradebook until logout.


     Standards Gradebook: Block assessment content that cannot be reviewed from the attempt in the standards gradebook.

     Standards: Enhancements to IL State Spanish Language Arts, Utah State Standards, and Kentucky State Standards.


     District: Search field added for Teacher and Student Groups.

     Lessons: Visual updates to Assigned Lessons.

     Standards: Additional sets of state standards added.


     Assessments & Lessons: Ability to remove a due date.

     Lessons: Visual updates to Manage Assignees

     Exports: Grade level column added to Points Gradebook export.

     Plans: Display percentages on horizontal bar charts and tooltips.


     Assessments: Visual updates to Advanced Assessment builder and Manage Assignees

     Exports: New export available: Student Group Membership.

     Mailbox: Improvements to email address validation & successful sending of messages to valid emails.

     Standards: New Michigan State Standards now available.

     Item Banks: Navigate item bank is now called Mastery item bank. 


     Exports: New export available: Student Information

     Student Profile: Assessment report; new format. 


     Advanced Assessments: Updated to the newest version of the TextHelp Speechstream toolbar.

     Bookshelf: Content is now paginated (20 resources per page).


     Custom Standards: Moved to a new location within the platform.

     Assessments: New confirmation modal for unassigning assessments.


      Sunset: Click here for more information on the removal (sunset) of certain features and modules in Otus.

      Exports: New exports available – Assessments Graded per Educator and Assessments Graded with Points per Student.


      Missing Assessment Report: Download a CSV of a student’s missing assessments from the Student Profile.

      Exports: New export available – Active Classes + Rostering.


      Advanced & Simple Assessments: Time to complete now available in Assessment Analytics 2.0.

      Lessons: Class column added to student’s assigned lessons page.


      Advanced & Simple Assessments: Ability to preview within the assessment builder.

      Rubric Assessments: Auto-saving while grading.


      Advanced Assessments: Printing improvements


       Plans: Item Status Analytics.

Analytics: Exports.


      Simple Assessments: Ability to preview within the builder.


      Historical Analytics: Ability to download and/or print charts.


      Standards Analytics 2.0: Data now displayed in horizontal bar charts, in addition to improved performance.


      Assessments: Created date is now visible in the Edit Details menu of a draft assessment.

      Assessments: Who assigned the assessment and the assigned date is now visible in the View Details menu of an assigned assessment.

      Assessments: Character limit increase for Instructions (now 5,000).

      Advanced Assessments: Previewing an Advanced Assessment is now available in the assessment builder.


      Assessments: Due date time now appears along with the date in both the teacher’s and student’s assigned assessments view.


      Plans: Download Student CSV.


      Plans: Overall Status Analytics.


      Classes: Classes view updated to list form.

      Assessments: Visual updates to the Drafts and Assigned Assessments pages.


      Analytics:  Send a copy of a Query report.

      Plans: Add attachments to status updates.


      Analytics:  Clone a Query report.

      Mailbox:  Subject line added to emails sent from the mailbox.

      Assessments: Entirety of multiple choice options displayed on Simple Assessments.


      Plans: Send a copy of a plan template.


      Plans:  Clone a plan template.

      Assessments: Unsubmit a Simple or Advanced assessment.


      Plans: Exit a student from a plan.

      Plans: Reactivate a student’s plan.


⭐ Plans: Our newest module, Plans, is now available!

      To Do List: Assessments marked as “missing” (graded or ungraded) appear on the To Do List for students and families.

      Assessments: Rubric – the submission status can now be updated directly from the whole-class grading page.

      Single Sign On: Class Link has been added as a Single Sign On (SSO) option.


        Assessments: Improvements to Math Essay, Chemistry Essay, Essay with Rich Text, and Drawing questions for Advanced Assessments.  


⭐ Physical Fitness Test (PFT): Ability to add PFT data to Otus.

⭐ LTI for Lessons: Ability to add LTI directly to lessons.


⭐ Gradebook: Available option for Total Grade Conversion: “Show Raw Total Grade Conversion Calculation”.


⭐ Lessons: Lesson Folders

⭐ Assessments: Ability to adjust the auto-score settings for standards-based Advanced Assessments

      Analytics: Optimized Standards Analytics 2.0


      Platform Wide: Visual updates to tables (ex. Standards Analytics 1.0)


⭐ Analytics: Assessment Analytics 2.0 


⭐ Lessons: Assessment activities 

⭐ Gradebook: Standards Gradebook Override

      Analytics: Advanced Assessments added to Historical analytics

      Assessments: Simple assessment question popup updates


       Lessons: Visual updates for teacher’s assigned lessons page 

       Assessments: Students now have a search field when in the assessments module

       To Do List: Student is directed to assessment on click

       Analytics: Historical analytics available for administrators


⭐  GradebookTotal grade conversion for points gradebook

       Mailbox: Updated text editor

       Lessons: Activity tile visual updates


⭐  To Do List: Assessments added

       Analytics: NWEA updates


⭐  AssessmentsNew question type for Advanced Assessments; video recorder

⭐  Classes: “Foreign Language” changed to “World Language”

⭐  Family: New gender-neutral family relationship options

      Assessments: Student module updates

      Lessons: Student module updates


⭐  Assessments: New assign setting for missing assessments

⭐  To Do List: Created and added to the home page


⭐  Lessons: Ability to edit “link” activities

⭐  Gradebook: Total Grade Conversion (non-points) added as a setting in the Control Center


       Lessons: “Seen” status added

       Lessons: Preview button added in builder

       Report Card: PDF generation improvements


⭐  Lessons: Schedule to assign at a later date


⭐  Report CardAbility to add SIS, State, or Student ID

⭐  Gradebook: Ability to hide points gradebook

       Lessons: Removed “All Classes” from the classes dropdown in assigned lessons 


⭐  LessonsQuestion activities

⭐  Lessons: Student progress tracking

⭐  Class Board: Module redesign


⭐  Schoology LTI

⭐  Indicates a brand new feature