Updates & Releases

We’re always working to improve Otus and give you the best user experience. Check out our newest updates and releases below, along with links to the Knowledge Base.

⭐  Indicates a brand new feature


      Assessments: Created date is now visible in the Edit Details menu of a draft assessment.

      Assessments: Who assigned the assessment and the assigned date is now visible in the View Details menu of an assigned assessment.

      Assessments: Character limit increase for Instructions (now 5,000).

      Advanced Assessments: Previewing the assessment is now available in the assessment builder.



      Assessments: Due date time now appears along with the date in both the teacher’s and student’s assigned assessments view.


      Plans: Download Student CSV.


      Plans: Overall Status Analytics.


      Classes: Classes view updated to list form.

      Assessments: Visual updates to the Drafts and Assigned Assessments pages.


      Analytics:  Send a copy of a Query report.

      Plans: Add attachments to status updates.


      Analytics:  Clone a Query report.

      Mailbox:  Subject line added to emails sent from the mailbox.

      Assessments: Entirety of multiple choice options displayed on Simple Assessments.


      Plans: Send a copy of a plan template.


      Plans:  Clone a plan template.

      Assessments: Unsubmit a Simple or Advanced assessment.


      Plans: Exit a student from a plan.

      Plans: Reactivate a student’s plan.


      No public facing features.


⭐ Plans: Our newest module, Plans, is now available! Otus is a platform to teach, grade, analyze, and now plan.

      To Do List: Assessments marked as “missing” will always appear on the To Do List for students and families, graded or ungraded.

      Assessments: For Rubric assessments, the submission status can now be updated directly from the whole-class grading page.

      Single Sign On: Class Link has been added as a Single Sign On (SSO) option.


        Assessments: Improvements to Math Essay, Chemistry Essay, Essay with Rich Text, and Drawing questions for Advanced Assessments.  


⭐ Physical Fitness Test (PFT): Ability to add PFT data to Otus.

⭐ LTI for Lessons: Ability to add LTI directly to lessons.


       No public facing features.


⭐ Gradebook: Available option for Total Grade Conversion: “Show Raw Total Grade Conversion Calculation”.


       No public facing features.


       No public facing features.


⭐ Lessons: Lesson Folders

⭐ Assessments: Ability to adjust the auto-score settings for standards-based Advanced Assessments

      Analytics: Optimized Standards Analytics 2.0


      No public facing features.


      Platform Wide: Visual updates to tables (ex. Standards Analytics 1.0)


⭐ Analytics: Assessment Analytics 2.0 


⭐ Lessons: Assessment activities 

⭐ Gradebook: Standards Gradebook Override

      Analytics: Advanced Assessments added to Historical analytics

      Assessments: Simple assessment question popup updates


       Lessons: Visual updates for teacher’s assigned lessons page 

       Assessments: Students now have a search field when in the assessments module

       To Do List: Student is directed to assessment on click

       Analytics: Historical analytics available for administrators


       No public facing features.


⭐  GradebookTotal grade conversion for points gradebook

       Mailbox: Updated text editor

       Lessons: Activity tile visual updates


⭐  To Do List: Assessments added

       Analytics: NWEA updates


⭐  AssessmentsNew question type for Advanced Assessments; video recorder

⭐  Classes: “Foreign Language” changed to “World Language”

⭐  Family: New gender-neutral family relationship options

      Assessments: Student module updates

      Lessons: Student module updates


⭐  Assessments: New assign setting for missing assessments

⭐  To Do List: Created and added to the home page


⭐  Lessons: Ability to edit “link” activities

⭐  Gradebook: Total Grade Conversion (non-points) added as a setting in the Control Center


       Lessons: “Seen” status added

       Lessons: Preview button added in builder

       Report Card: PDF generation improvements


⭐  Lessons: Schedule to assign at a later date


        No public facing features.


⭐  Report CardAbility to add SIS, State, or Student ID

⭐  Gradebook: Ability to hide points gradebook

       Lessons: Removed “All Classes” from the classes dropdown in assigned lessons 


⭐  LessonsQuestion activities

⭐  Lessons: Student progress tracking

⭐  Class Board: Module redesign


⭐  Schoology LTI