Standards-Based Grading requires the right mindset and the right tools

Otus is designed for K-12 school systems who are transitioning from traditional grading to standards-based grading. We are unique in that we ensure that parents and families also have the tools necessary to understand this shift in grading.

We are inspired by the work of Lisa Westman, Lee Ann Jung, Rick Wormeli, Tom Guskey, our courageous clients and their students, and parents who are struggling to understand this “new” way of grading.

Interactive Gradebook and Mobile Phone App for Standards-Based Grading

Most families are new to standards-based grading. Our interactive gradebook prevents phone calls from confused parents because the Otus displays the standard, what it means, the student’s performance on that standard over time, and visibility into the specific assessments that measured each standard. Our mobile phone app lets all of this information be available at all times.

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Standards-Based Grading Report Card

Send an easy-to-understand paper report card home to families showing student progress on the standards you choose to display. Watch a 60-second demo.

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Link Content, Lessons, and Assessments to Standards

Design assessments and tag items or rubric descriptors to Common Core, State-specific, or custom District-level learning standards.

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Design Engaging Formative Assessments for Standards-Based Grading

Create quick and easy exit tickets that allow for students to submit responses via Google Drive, record audio/video, attach images, and much more.

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Show Progress on Standards Over Time

As Otus automatically scores assessments, or when teachers complete rubrics, standards-based reports are available to students, teachers, school leaders, and families in real-time.

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Group Students by Aggregating Performance on Standards

View district, school, class, and individual student performance on standards and create student groupings for targeted lessons.

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