Coming Summer 2021

Every Student Needs a Plan

Set achievable milestones that guide students on the path toward academic, behavioral, or social emotional goals. Monitor progress and make informed decisions to support students. Otus Plans gives you the power to measure the effectiveness of interventions.


Design templates for teachers.


Customize Plans to fit individual students.


Monitor and update student Plans as a team.

Chart a Path for Student Success

Most students lack a personalized education plan. With Otus Plans, identify specific areas where students need support, and chart a unique path forward.


Build templates for various interventions, behaviors, and more.


Match students to the appropriate template and customize where needed.


Collaborate frequently to update the status of student Plans.


Pivot or edit Plans based on student progress.

The Power of Plans

Guide students on their path. Know when to provide intervention.
Watch your school community grow.

A laptop open on a desk. The laptop screen shows Otus Plans. On the desk is a cactus, a pencil holder, binder clips, and a drawing of mountains.

Take A Sneak Peek

Keith Westman (COO) and Chris Hull (Co-Founder and CPO) detail the why behind Otus Plans.