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Data-Informed Instruction

Ask any educator about how data can be used to promote student growth and you will surely hear a statement similar to, “data is important, but students are so much more than a piece of data.” We agree.

Otus is NOT on a mission to convert students to data points. We are on a mission to convert data points into meaningful conversations about student growth within the context of the whole child.

We are inspired by Drs. Douglas Reeves, Mike Schmoker, Robert Marzano, and teachers who are being asked to analyze data that doesn’t encapsulate what they know about each child.


Teacher-friendly data visualizations

As students and teachers use Otus, powerful visualizations are created that can be easily reviewed. Within a few clicks, teachers can group students based on data and assign those students learning activities that are just right. All third-party data sources can be integegrated into Otus, giving K-12 educators what they need when they need it. And we were the first authorized data partner of NWEA!

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Connect to your existing systems

Your SIS is not designed for today’s teachers and learners. Otus is designed to integrate with your existing systems while empowering your school leaders, teachers, students, and families with a user-friendly platform for teaching, learning, and communication.

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Low floor, high ceiling report creation

Creating custom reports can be done by anyone regardless of their comfort level with technology. While our interface is designed for the technophobe, our capabilities are designed for the most sophisticated K-12 data user.

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A data warehouse that isn’t a data warehouse

The traditional data warehouse wasn’t designed with K-12 educators in mind. Data is visually appealing and actionable so that all users are able to make more informed and targeted instructional decisions.

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Distribute targeted assessments, online learning resources, and more to students

From the district, building, or classroom level, students will be able to receive resources that meet their needs using data from 3rd party, “high-stakes”, assessments or real-time data that is generated during each school day.

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