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Understand Your Data, Understand Your Students

Otus helps K-12 schools provide data-driven, personalized and efficient instruction tailored to each student’s unique needs and potential.

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Why Otus?

“From an equity standpoint, I’m able to drill down and talk with administrators about any patterns, like, if there are higher percentages of special education students or students with low income who are also chronically absent. That’s easy to look at within the Otus dashboard.”

— Jody O’Brien  | Assistant Superintendent of Student Services & Equity, Marlborough Public Schools, MA

Learn more about Marlborough’s journey with Otus

"We needed a data system that was different from what our Student Information System provides. One that allowed us to view students holistically with historical and current data. We began using Otus last year for academic tracking and now we’ve extended it to our entire intervention team. Our attendance team even uses Otus to look at the whole picture of students. It’s not just about informing parents of school attendance, they can show how grades, missed services and diagnostic data are impacted by absenteeism.”

Jessica Conn, MTSS Coordinator, Maureen Joy Charter School

Learn more about Maureen Joy’s journey with Otus

Evaluate Instruction

Understand what’s working in the classroom.

  • Prepare instructional plans based on pretest assessment results.
  • Using data insights, differentiate instruction to meet each student’s unique needs.
  • Determine which learning standards need to be re-taught.
  • Group students who need additional support.
Assessment Analytics in Otus
Intervention Plan Progress in Otus

Analyze Interventions

Understand who needs support and the impact of interventions.

  • Identify who needs a personalized plan to address academics, behavior, attendance, future readiness, or any other need.
  • Evaluate which interventions have the greatest impact on student growth.
  • Determine if any student populations are over-represented in discipline or attendance data.
  • Assess the effectiveness of Tier 2 and Tier 3 MTSS interventions.

Visualize Impact

See the change in your school community over time. 

  • Track real-time assessment and progress monitoring trends from your dashboard.
  • Use data to identify students for special programs such as intervention or advanced learning.
  • Analyze the long-term progress of students using any assessment.
  • Build students’ 21st Century skills including critical thinking, adaptability and more to ensure future readiness.
Historical Builder in Otus

The Otus Difference: Your Partner Every Step of the Way

Personalized Onboarding

Real-Time Support from Former Educators

Free On-Going PD

A Dedicated Data and Integrations Team

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Steves Bronze Award Customer Service 2024
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Tech and Learning Back to School Primary Education Winner
Tech and Learning Back to School Primary Education Winner
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Globee Gold Winner 2023 Award
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