Where is Otus going next? A look into our plans for 2019.

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We took some time to assemble some of the many exciting things that we are working on. We expect them to be available to our users in the weeks, months, and year ahead. While we do have plans for 2019, please be comfortable if we include a few unannounced surprises that show some real innovation in the K-12 edtech space:)

Data Management and Analytics

We’re redesigning the way in which users create reports and run query analytics to allow for a more efficient workflow:

Our new historical analytics tool will allow users to review data over time. There is no restriction to the number of years that you will be able to analyze!


Add testing windows and availability dates for assessments:

Add multiple standards and/or competencies to Simple and Rubric Assessments:

When teachers of school leaders are creating assessments, Otus will first show frequently used learning standards and competencies which will cut down on the amount of time it takes to create an assessment:


Our plans for 2019 also include seamless integration with NWEA so that MAP scores from two most recent years and all future testing sessions sent to Otus automatically (no more MAP data uploading!)

Integration with GradeCam so that teachers can easily scan answer sheets from paper-based assessments into Otus.

Learning and Management

We are redesigning our standards gradebook to offer an even better way to understand student progress on learning standards and competencies at-a-glance.

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