Identify Plagiarism With Our Newest Integration: Turnitin

Author: Keith Westman | Features |

We partnered with Turnitin to make grading better than ever. Turnitin is a great resource for educators to quickly differentiate plagiarized and original work. Now, you can scan any student work submitted in Otus for originality (your district must be subscribed to Turnitin Similarity to use this integration).

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you want to create a rubric assessment in Otus that requires students to write an essay. Once that essay is submitted, you can send it to Turnitin through Otus. Then, Turnitin will scan the response and score the essay in your Otus Gradebook. Otus displays the originality score in two places.

In the Student Grid View, you can see student originality scores.

You can also see scores on each student response in the Individual Student Assessment View.

We’re super excited to partner with Turnitin! If you’re looking to enable this integration, head here.

Here’s a quick video of Turnitin in action:

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