Summer 2017 Updates

Author: Keith Westman | Features |

Look for the following features and more to be released this summer. Some visuals may change, but not by much!

Learning Management Updates

Enhanced Google Integration

Teachers will be able to more easily use GSuite for Education Apps and Otus. Included in this release is:

  • the ability to distribute unique copies of Google Docs
  • review student progress on GSuite Apps in real-time
  • view grading rubrics side-by-side with a Google Doc, Slide, or Sheet

Assessment Updates

Standards-based Gradebook and Analytics

Improvements to the visualization of student progress towards mastery of learning standards.

Enhanced Item-Bank Searching

Users will be able to easily create formative and summative assessments using items correlated to CCSS, NGSS and searchable by DOK, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Language, Grade Level, and more!

Data Warehouse Updates

Indentification Matrices

Users will be able to identify groups of students who meet a variety of criteria (3rd party data, attendance, behavior incidents, etc.)

Comparative Analytics

Educators will be able to compare data by creating customized dynamic and actionable reports using data either generated by or imported into Otus from a third-party.

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