Student and Teacher Flags are Now Called Groups

Otus has always included a feature allowing teachers to group students by creating “Flags.” This is an important part of what makes Otus a powerful personalization and differentiation tool for educators, but we’re making some exciting improvements.

Eliminating confusion

We’ve learned the name Flag is a bit unclear. Each time we met with our users, we found ourselves explaining that Flags were really just groups of students. Furthermore, we are officially changing the name of Flags to Groups in April of 2019.

Generating better data

Nevertheless, here’s the most exciting part. As we improve the organization of Groups, you will find disaggregating the student data in Otus easier. Educators and administrators can break down data in Otus to identify the performance of unique subgroups of students.

For example, with a couple of clicks, an administrator can view assessment results for the Caucasian, female third-grade students at Jefferson Elementary School who have a specific learning disability. By streamlining this process, we reduce the amount of time spent gathering and organizing the data.

Now you can focus your time on using data to inform your discussions about how to best support these students and help them achieve success! Our continued goal at Otus is to help make the data you have actionable; this is another step toward that goal.