Standards-Based Grading and Reporting Resources

Author: Keith Westman | Standards-Based Grading |
Below is a collection of all of the standards-based grading and resources we have created over the years. All of these resources may be copied and distributed as needed.

  1. What is Standards-Based Grading?
  2. Our teachers don’t like standards-based grading. Now, what?
  3. Have report cards driven a wedge between parents and standards-based grading?
  4. 3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Standards-Based Gradebook
  5. 5 Ways Technology Complicates Standards-Based Grading
  6. Our parents don’t like standards-based grading. Now, what?

Are you looking for evidence, thought leaders, research, books, resources, and more to convince your colleagues and community about making the shift to standards-based learning? Check out, The Ultimate Guide to Standards-Based Learning: 2019 Edition.

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