Release Notes 4.13.2017

Author: Chris Hull | Release Notes |

The team at Otus has been hard at work redesigning the Otus Assessment Module to be better than ever before! Enjoy the following new features today:

  • Standards Integration: More ways to attach and more standards options to attach

  • Assessment Organization: Better organize assessments

  • Assessment Conversion: We automatically convert your Classic Assessments for you into our new format

  • New Bookshelf Option: Add or embed online resources

  • Updated Data Tables in Analytics: New sortable, modifiable, downloadable tables

  • Ease of Use: Many enhancements to help make Otus easier to use for all

Standards Integration

You will now be able to link Common Core or State Standards to over 60 types of items, rubrics, polls, student blog posts and bookshelf resources you share with students. This will provide many more options to teachers and schools using a standards-based approach!



Assessment Organization

Assessments automatically organized by type – item-based or rubric-based. You can see your entire list of assessments in My Assessments or those that have been shared with you by colleagues in Shared Assessments or those that you have assigned to classes in Assigned Assessments. If you just want to develop items, you can go straight to the Item Bank.


Also, whether you use a points gradebook or a standards-based gradebook, they are side by side for you to access.




Assessment Conversion

We automatically convert your multiple choice, true/false and short answer assessments from Classic Assessments to the new module. If you have any questions about your converted assessments, either email us at or chat with us via the in-app chat.


M U L T I P L E  C H O I C E



S H O R T  A N S W E R


Bookshelf I-Frame

Add or embed many types of web-based resources on a bookshelf page to share with students. You can even embed other content-based systems to share with students.

Easily embed content from your favorite websites and instructional tools, including live G Suite for Education tools to promote collaboration in your classroom! Other great tools to embed in Otus include Nearpod, Kahoot, Desmos, Eduzzle, Duolingo, and more!

Now your students can access content from most anywhere all within a single platform, Otus!



Updated Data Tables

The data tables throughout Otus are now sortable, modifiable and downloadable. You can decide which columns you want to see and sort the table any way you want. Once you define the table, you can download your configuration. If you want to start over, just click on the refresh button at the bottom of the table.



Ease of Use

We have incorporated many changes to make things easier for users. Some of these include changes to the upload templates to include Student Information System ID in all uploads and changing the NWEA upload template to more closely match the file that comes directly from NWEA.

    Full release below.

  • Academic Benchmarks integration – We now have CC standards & State Standards
  • Link standards to Learnosity items
  • Link standards to rubric descriptors
  • Link standards to Polls
  • Link standards to Bookshelf resources
  • Link standards to Blog posts
  • Analytics – Recognitions – New “View Recognitions by Class” data table
  • Analytics – NWEA – New CSV template for ease of use upload (reordered columns to better match NWEA standard)
  • Analytics – NWEA – Now allow linking to 68 different studies across the U.S.
  • Analytics – Updated data table visuals globally (easily sortable, movable, etc.)
  • Assessments – Teacher/Admin – Brand new “Assessments” module
  • Distinguishes between item-based and rubric-based assessments
  • Distinguishes between your own assessments, assessments shared with you, and assigned assessments
  • Add/Edit questions outside of item-based assessment creation in the “Item Bank”
  • Gradebooks combined into single page (Points, Standards)
  • Updated assessment creation process for both assessment types (Item, Rubric)
  • Assessments – Automatic conversion of old assessments into the new module
  • Assessments – Student – Visual and ease-of-use enhancements in the newly combined “Assessments” module
  • Assessments – Teacher – Updated Gradebook visuals
  • Blog – Student – My Blog – Ability to publish a private blog post
  • Bookshelf – Updated “Add Resource” popup for new types (Link, Upload, Page, LTI) & instant sharing via the new “Share with” field
  • Bookshelf – “Page” – New resource type
  • Classes – Teacher – Student Profile is now universal for the student – Student dropdown at the top for easy student search, Class dropdown for each student for easy class selection
  • General – Attachments – “Add from OneDrive” now available
  • General – Added iFrame button to the text editor
  • Global – Teacher – Class dropdown lists are now searchable in each module
  • Global – New YouTube/Video embed button in the text editor
  • Toolbox – NWEA – Updated upload process that allows for SIS ID upload
  • Toolbox – aimsweb – Updated upload process that allows for SIS ID upload
  • Toolbox – PARCC – Updated upload process that allows for SIS ID upload
  • Toolbox – Custom Assessment – Updated upload process that allows for SIS ID upload

As always, please share any and all feedback with our team via the in-app chat.

Thank you!

Otus co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Chris Hull, spent 11 years as a middle school educator. Find him on Twitter @OtusHull.

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