Personalized learning is so much more than an edtech tool

It seems like new and flashy edtech tools are popping up every day claiming to be the “silver bullet” for allowing teachers to personalize learning. We don’t believe that personalized learning has anything to do with technology. Love your students, listen to them, and believe that they can do it.

We are inspired by any teacher who is there for every child, every day.

The Ultimate Student Profile

The student profile in Otus gives educators everything they need to know about a student without having to worry about integrating dozens of disconnected edtech tools.

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Student strengths, interests, and passions survey

We’ve partnered with Thrively to provide each child with a strengths profile and a playlist of curated resources that engage them in learning activities that are of interest to them which is perfect for use during genius hours or for passion projects.

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Include Student Voice

Whether through the Otus blog tool, student-created portfolio, or interactive assessments, ensure that you include student voice in learning experiences.

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What does Personalized Learning mean to Otus?

To Otus, personalized learning happens when instructional practices, content, and learning environments are tailored to the unique needs and learning preferences of individual students.

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