Otus Helps Me Maximize Learning for All My Students

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Dear Teachers,

I know that the back to school time crunch is under way: learning new class rosters, having student schedules in flux due to the back to school chaos, and having to adapt to the back to school initiatives being introduced.

With all of this excitement, teachers are also always brainstorming and searching for ways to improve and further help their students.

I want to invite you to check out Otus because Otus helps me maximize the learning for all my students.

In case you missed our announcement this summer, Otus has a new look and several new features but remains free for teachers and students.

Many teachers start with only a few features in Otus. Some begin with Blog for student writing or Otus Recognitions to track student behaviors. Other teachers use the Bookshelf or Assessments to share and differentiate resources and lessons for individuals or groups of students. The more ways you utilize Otus the more informative and valuable the student learning data will become in the Otus Analytics module.

In the Otus Analytics module, you have access to graphic visualizations for all your students’ data. These clear, concise visualizations help you see how your students are learning and growing. Otus can also pull in data from third-party apps such as Khan Academy and NWEA to provide a more complete learning profile of your students.

To learn more about Otus and how Otus can help learning in your classroom join us for a webinar, as listed in the sidebar.

As always send any and all feedback so we can continue to improve Otus.


Chris Hull
Otus Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer
7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Otus co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Chris Hull, spent 11 years as a middle school educator. Find him on Twitter @OtusHull.

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