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Tools to support

Communication, Collaboration, and Culture


Class Board

Share announcements, videos, assignments, and other updates to students and families quickly.

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Secure Texting and Email Messaging to Students and Families

Keep your personal phone number personal by sending text messages through Otus.

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Gather and Visualize SEL Progress

Provide students with real-time feedback on attributes like grit, growth mindset, responsibility or anything you choose.

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Schedule Communication

If it looks like rain the night before school, schedule a text to go out reminding students and families to bring an umbrella on the field trip.

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Maintain a Family Communication Log

It’s helpful to know when a colleague last was in contact with a student’s family member.

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Student Records

When educators are operating off of the same information, students can be better supported and teachers can be more efficient.

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Teacher Notes

Take incidental notes that teaching colleagues can review

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