Confused About Relief Funding for K-12 Schools? Let’s Break It Down.

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Emergency relief funding is in the works for K-12 schools to focus on the technology, resources, and training to ensure learning always takes place, no matter where students are. “CARES Act”, “Rethink Education Models Grant” and “Title IV funds” have been circulating the K-12 world, but what do they mean?


The CARES Act is a law that addresses the economic fallout due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, congress has allocated $13.5 billion for schools to conduct continuous learning.

Check out these resources to see how your state is being funded:

ESSER Funding State Allocation Table
ESSER Funding Cover Letter

Schools must use the funds for three purposes: curriculum resources, devices, and connectivity. Students must have internet access and a learning platform they can easily access on their device.

The Rethink Education Models Grant

The Rethink Education Models Grant was created under the CARES Act. This grant supports individual states in implementing innovative ways to ensure continuous learning.

Title IV

Lastly, Title IV is a grant program dedicated to modernizing US schools by encouraging family involvement and supporting student needs, in various settings. Schools may have received Title IV funding before the pandemic. To sum it up, the CARES Act, the Rethink Education Models Grant and Title IV can all be used for similar purposes. For example, purchasing curriculum resources like Otus.

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