Otus Certified Educators are the soul of Otus. They are passionate about education and enriching student lives through technology. They see the potential Otus has to realize these passions, and they contribute to the development of Otus through product feedback. They are an invaluable resource for generating awareness and excitement about Otus.


Why you should be excited?

As a Certified Educator, you will receive $25 toward any Donors Choose project to benefit your classroom or a $25 donation to your favorite charity. We’ll supply you with Otus swag to use at Otus trainings that you host. You can also place the Otus Certified Educator Badge on your social media and personal websites. If you’re local, we would love to invite you to our headquarters in downtown Chicago to meet our team and enjoy a cool beverage 🙂

What to expect

As a Certified Educator, you’ll obtain early access to upcoming product enhancements and provide critical feedback on the direction of the platform. You’ll have opportunities to collaborate with other Certified Educators and gain in depth knowledge about Otus. The end goal for this program is for you to become so familiar with Otus that you become an influencer in your school community, promoting the effective use of the platform among your colleagues.


Participate in the introductory activity (details to follow…we promise it’s short and sweet)
Run a training at your school/district by the end of the school year. This can be something that is shared at a staff meeting, institute day, professional workshop, etc. (Feedback from training is required as proof of completion)
As new features are planned, you’ll have access to release previews and will be asked to provide some feedback.
Complete at least 3 training activities by the end of the school year. These activities are designed to provide applicable, in depth training on specific features and use case scenarios in Otus.

How to join

If you are interested in joining, please complete this form and a member of our team will contact you by email with details on getting started.