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Meet the Updated Notifications Feed in the Otus App

Author: Chris Hull | Otus Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer | Blog |

The transition to remote learning has created new and challenging demands for educators and parents. The anxiety of knowing what your students or children should be learning each day is more real than ever now, as we attempt to balance our home lives with education.

We understand how difficult remote learning is and are striving to find ways to adapt everyday. Recently, we updated our mobile app to bring better visibility into student learning.

The in-app addition of the notification feed will improve the experience for these users:

Families: You will easily be able to see when an assessment or lesson is assigned or completed. If there are new posts to the Class Board (pictures, videos, links, etc.), you will be able to view them directly from the feed too! Last but not least, when your child receives a recognition, you will be notified. 🥳

Teachers: You will see notifications as students complete lessons, assessments, or comment on Class Board posts. 

Students: You will be notified when there are new lessons, assessments, Class Board posts, or when you receive a recognition. 

While the app does not provide full functionality of the Otus platform, we hope our newest update helps families, teachers, and students gain quick visibility into their learning.

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