Otus supports

Blended Learning or Going 1:1

Buying and distributing devices is the easiest part of implementing the 1:1 initiative. Without an integrated platform that provides organization and structure for using devices, students, teachers, families, and school leaders will be completely overwhelmed with the number of edtech tools on the market.

We are inspired by being completely overwhelmed went, as teachers and administrators, our districts when 1:1 and a platform like Otus didn’t exist to streamline how technology can be used to support learning.

Class Board

Share announcements, videos, assignments, and other updates to students and families quickly.

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Lesson Builder

Quickly create bundles of resources from Google, your own videos, your favorite edtech tool, and more and easily assign them to the right students.

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Student Portfolios

Both students and teachers can place blogs, assessments, and upload photos or videos and store them in a digital portfolio that can be accessed by families and school leaders.

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Secure Texting and Email Messaging to Students and Families

Keep your personal phone number personal by sending text messages through Otus.

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Schedule Communication

If it looks like rain the night before school, schedule a text to go out reminding students and families to bring an umbrella on the field trip.

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Maintain a Family Communication Log

It’s helpful to know when a colleague last was in contact with a student’s family member.

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Student Records

When educators are operating off of the same information, students can be better supported and teachers can be more efficient.

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Teacher Notes

Take incidental notes that teaching colleagues can review

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