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Learning Management

Share, assign, and discuss content with your students easier than ever before.


Differentiate instruction with flexible groups.

Flags in Otus provide educators with the ability to group students based upon behavior and academic performance.

Administrators and teachers can filter both engagement and academic data in Otus Analytics by student groups (flags).


Share resources instantly.

Otus helps teachers create personalized learning plans for students by adding targeted resources to the bookshelf.

Bookshelf resources can be assigned to entire classes, groups of flagged students or individual students to personalize instruction.


Highlight student work

Highlighting lessons and assessments that showcase student performance and growth. Student work can be added to the portfolio by students and teachers and is just another way Otus shines a light on great accomplishments.

Promote written expression

Blog posts, completed lessons, and assessments can be added to a digital portfolio by students or teachers and is just another way Otus shines a light on great accomplishments.

Survey the room

Quick, effective classroom polling allows educators to see the level of understanding students have about a subject.

Create lesson plans

Lesson planning in Otus is dynamic and sequential, enabling educators to create engaging lessons. Assign these lessons based on class, group, or individual students.

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